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Do you need assistance with your debt and finances?

Are you on the brink of losing your home to foreclosure? Has your bank account been garnished for debt you owe? Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? We can assist you. We will look at your unique situation and devise a plan to help you clear up your debt, keep your home and remove the freeze on your bank account.

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We can help you find the right option available to manage your debt and financing. You may be able to lower your payments and reduce the total amount of interest you pay on your debt. Re-structuring your debt may also result in tax deduction savings for you. Our services work for everyone. Even if you are able to pay the amounts due on your current debts, we may be able to help you lower your payments and save you money.

Get relief from your debt

• Mortgage Foreclosure Defenses

• Credit Card Lawsuits

• IRS and Tax Levies

• Bank Account Garnishment

• Sheriff Sales

• IRS Representations

Debt and financing advising services:

Let us assist you in devising a plan to help you get back on your feet and pay off your outstanding debt

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